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-Leslie Thornton

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hail! Total Recut

For everyone who had dreamed of the holy grail of recycled cinema sites, wake up and go to Total Recut. This site has all the films, literature, how-to, raw digital footage, and communities for any self respecting found footage filmmaker to want to explode in a frenzy of mouse clicks.

They're currently featuring a film by Caped, Masked and Armed; those beloved people who brought you "Kodak Moments," one of the most scathing political mashups to date. Now they give us....

I am currently working on two "improved film" mashups. I will be taking a shitty genre film and mixing it with an art house film for a trailer. Anyone interested in working on one of these, I would love to feature you on an upcoming post.


Javier said...

hi eli

long time no see

you have to update this site more often!!!

im gonna check total recut, sounds interesting

i leave you a little ff film i had made for a european festival a while ago, its for 1 minute long films, hope you like it


Javier said...
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Javier said...

sorry, i forgot the link

here it is