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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An Index of the Greatest YouTube Mashups, Re-Genre, Re-Cuts and Machinema

( a still from 8 1/2 mile )


A list of the absolute finest mashups, re-genre, re-cuts and machinema on the web. for definitions of terms read my essay "The New Found Footage Filmmakers."


1. 2001 Goodfellas

2. Pooh-pocalypse Now

3. C for Cookie (Sesame Street mash up with V for Vendetta)

4. 8 1/2 Mile

5. Sesame Streets ( Directed by Martin Scorsese)

6. Full Metal Christmas

8. 10 Things I hate about Commandments (10 Things I Hate About You + Ten Commandments by Mike Dow and Ari Eisner of Smaky Productions)

9. Must Love Jaws (by Mike Dow and Ari Eisner of Smaky Productions)

7. Capote of the Lambs



1. Shining (as a romantic comedy / family film )

2. Big (as a pedophilic thriller)

3. Taxi Driver (as a romantic comedy)

4. Something Blue (Blue Velvet as a Family Farce) By Robert Ryang


5. Mount Brokeback (Brokeback Mountain as a Religious Film) By Robert Ryang

3. Casino Royale (starring Tom Hanks)

4. Signs (of antisemitism)

5. Titanic: Two the Surface (by Derek Johnson)



1. male restroom etiquette

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