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“A lot of people who call themselves artists now are cultural critics who are using instruments other than just written language or spoken language to communicate their critical perspective.”
-Leslie Thornton

Monday, January 28, 2008

Arthur Lipsett in Canadian Journal of Film Studies

William Wees has a nice article on Arthur Lipsett in the latest issue of Canadian Journal of Film Studies comparing his films to the compilation documentary form. Here are the films available on YouTube. Google Video has "Very Nice, Very Nice."
Trip Down Memory Lane P. 1

Trip Down Memory Lane P. 2

Free Fall


Monday, January 21, 2008

Nam June Paik

Much has been said of video artist Nam June Paik and I'm only beginning to look at his work so I'll spare you my incites till a later date. Paik experimented with found images constantly throughout his career opening up the realm of TV images, static and incidental images for found footage film and video. He died in 2006. Click here for another amazing clip.

Zen for Film was the cinematic equivalent of John Cage's (Paik's mentor) 4"33.

Charlotte Moorman on Paik

An instilation from 1995 of Paik's work

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Best (Worst) Memes of 2007

Though devoted to the nascent media critiques present in contemporary found footage films of the avant-garde and the Internet, we at recycled cinema thought some mindless memage to recap 2007 was appropriate. Enjoy.

The Collection: Ualuealuealeuale

Remix of the inimitable "Don't Taze Me" Meme

Local News travesty of 2007: The Mobile Alabama Leprechaun Video Remixed!

Original Leprechaun Video Here:

Local News Run Amok Part II: The Oakland Whistle Tip

The Whistle Tip Remix!

And how's this for convergence culture? The Leprechaun and Whiste Tip Mash-Up!

300 Whistle Tip Mashup

BET Animation's Public Service Announcement: READ A BOOK!

Hebrew Crunk: Revitalizing the Hebrew Hip-Hop Connection

The Pretty Ricky Video Coming in at #1:

The Pretty Ricky Benny Hill Remix:

Pretty Ricky Post Modern Remix:

Kermit Reaction to 2 Girls One Cup:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Abigail Child Films

Harun Farocki and the Politics of Found Footage with William Burroughs on Cut-Ups

Harun Farocki has used found footage in innovative ways throughout his career challenging dominant political perspectives with a simple common sense approach to the world. His films are sometimes almost untouched appropriations and others deeply nuanced assemblages that find incredible connections between disparate source materials. He is a humane, empathetic and serious found footage filmmaker who unlike his colleagues has created uncynical films that speak truth to power without being self-righteous. I highly recommend his films Interview, How to Live in the German Federal Republic , Still Life, Videograms of a Revolution, and War at a distance. Below are clips from some films.

A clip from a documentary on William Burroughs explaining the Cut-Up Method:

Here is a Cut-Up Film by Burroughs: