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-Leslie Thornton

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Best (Worst) Memes of 2007

Though devoted to the nascent media critiques present in contemporary found footage films of the avant-garde and the Internet, we at recycled cinema thought some mindless memage to recap 2007 was appropriate. Enjoy.

The Collection: Ualuealuealeuale

Remix of the inimitable "Don't Taze Me" Meme

Local News travesty of 2007: The Mobile Alabama Leprechaun Video Remixed!

Original Leprechaun Video Here:

Local News Run Amok Part II: The Oakland Whistle Tip

The Whistle Tip Remix!

And how's this for convergence culture? The Leprechaun and Whiste Tip Mash-Up!

300 Whistle Tip Mashup

BET Animation's Public Service Announcement: READ A BOOK!

Hebrew Crunk: Revitalizing the Hebrew Hip-Hop Connection

The Pretty Ricky Video Coming in at #1:

The Pretty Ricky Benny Hill Remix:

Pretty Ricky Post Modern Remix:

Kermit Reaction to 2 Girls One Cup:

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